On This Day

  • XVI—Think About Us:

    The Never Tour is back with thirteen tracks spanning eleven years of live Vampire. Three different versions of 2021 tie together a set of underappreciated classics and a couple unexpected covers. Best enjoyed on a walk with headphones.
  • XV—New Song 2:

    2012 shows included the then untitled “New Song #2”. This set combines part of their show at The New Yorker Festival on that tour with part of their show from Webster Hall 2019.
  • XIV—Uncut Jams:

    Mellow jams from 2008-2019. Good for slow mornings.
  • XIII—Barclays 13:

    Modern Vampires of the City, as performed at Barclays in 2013 (with Red Rocks and Webster Hall 2019)
  • XII—Tasteful Licks:

    Reissue: Sukadogdik’s Picks Vol. II - Tasteful Licks, Pt. 1
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  • 13: Look Pretty All the Time

    We have a tough talk about current events with our guest, Anne. Please be advised, that includes a discussion on sexual assault. Check out the links if you aren’t already familiar.
  • 12: The Father of the Bride

    We hear what you had to say about LP4, then spend all 18 tracks auditioning to be the new hosts of Car Talk and wondering if Ezra Koenig’s actually an alien. Plus, JJ’s Top Five tracks off Fall Out the Boy.
  • 11: Je Ne Sais Ska

    Ronald Reagan’s The Star Wars Holiday Special, Philip K. Dick’s Do Legos Dream of Plastic Sheep, and the song “Holiday” by Green Day, Madonna, Weezer and Vampire Weekend.
  • 10: Fashion Steve Buscemi w/ Christian Scibetta

    Low key style icon and our old friend Christian aka Brave New Wear on YouTube drops in to talk spooky Vampire songs, how to recognize Dany DeVito and a deep dive on some Ezra fits.
  • 9: A Crossfit Crossover

    Vampire songs vs. Weekend songs, an anonymous tip about Erza Koenig, and JJ’s first Top 5
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    30 October 2021

    San Francisco

    Setlist / Download

    11 August 2013

    San Francisco

    Setlist / Download
    Setlist / Download
    Setlist / Download

    87 bootleg albums
    58 bootleg videos
    1817 audio tracks

    746 shows in 272 cities

    1. New York (58)
    2. London (40)
    3. Los Angeles (30)
    4. Austin (16)
    5. Paris (16)

    171 requests

    1. Ottoman  (14)
    2. Diplomat’s Son  (11)
    3. Hannah Hunt  (11)
    4. Giving Up the Gun  (10)
    5. Campus  (7)

    239 live covers

    1. Bruce Springsteen (37)
    2. Dusty Springfield (18)
    3. Bob Dylan (13)
    4. Paul Simon (13)
    5. Fleetwood Mac (11)

    40:42 with Sam Gendel & Goose