Jerusalem, New York, Berlin 2:54

I know I loved you then
I think I love you still
But this prophecy of ours
Has come back dressed to kill

Three stones on a mountain
Three small holes in a field
You’ve given me the big dream
But you can’t make it real


O, wicked world
Just think what could have been
Jerusalem, New York, Berlin

All I do is lose but baby
All I want’s to win
Jerusalem, New York, Berlin

Verse 2

A hundred years or more
It feels like such a dream
An endless conversation
Since 1917

Now the battery is too hot
It’s burning up in its tray
Young marriages are melting
And dying where they lay


Our tongues will fall so still
Our teeth will all decay
A minute feels much longer
With nothing left to say

So let them win the battle
But don't let them restart
That genocidal feeling
That beats in every heart


Written by Ezra Koenig / Produced by Ariel Rechtshaid & Ezra Koenig / Additional Production by BloodPop® & Buddy Ross / Engineered by Ariel Rechtshaid, Chris Kasych, John DeBold, Hiroya Takayama & Takemasa Kosaka / Mixed by Ariel Rechtshaid

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